Impact Africa Industries is a company that seeks to be the a leading player in the socio-economic growth and development of sub saharan Africa by being a major player in the manufacturing and distribution of fast moving consumer goods targeting the bottom of the pyramid of population.

Impact Africa Industries was born in March 2010 when the Barclay Paul Okari, the Founder/CEO volunteered to teach at a girl’s high school in Narok countryside during summer. It’s on this that he discovered that many young girls missed school despite schools having the teachers and other facilities required for their learning. On further inquiry he found out that the girls lacked sanitary pads and hence chose to stay home. This accumulated school time is 3 academic months that one girl would miss school. He set out to help mitigate the situation and came and founded Impact Africa Industries which has over the years distributed over 1 million sanitary pads to young girls across East Africa helping them stay at school to pursue education and other opportunities.
The company has now grown it’s product portfolio to include baby diapers with our first brand, Safi Diapers.


This is a premium diaper range that seeks to give maximum comfort and keep the baby dry for as long as 12 hours. Made to the highest quality, Safi Diapers is is still very affordable to the masses with countrywide distribution.