Impact Africa Industries is a vibrant company that is striving to play a leading role in the social-economic growth and development in the sub Saharan region. The company focuses in the distribution and the manufacturing of fast moving consumer goods. The focuses of the company in its distribution are the individuals at the bottom of the population pyramid.

Currently the company focuses in the distribution of sanitary pads to young girls to try and mitigate the situation where girls miss out school as a result of lacking sanitary pads. Currently the company has distributed over one million sanitary pads to young girls across east Africa. This has helped many young girls to stay in school so that they can finish their education.

In addition to sanitary pads, the company has launched a new product in its portfolio, the Safi Diapers. Safi Diapers are quality baby diapers that give utmost comfort and dryness for periods of up to 12hrs. the diapers are made of high quality and remain affordable to the masses.


This a fast growing company that strives to occupy the leading position of companies driving the social and economic growth of the sub Saharan region.


Behind this organization is a very strong team that works hard to ensure all our targets are met and all our customers are happy with our services.


The company started as a manufacturer and distributor of sanitary pads; however, it has undertaken a new initiative in its portfolio involving the manufacturing and distribution of Safi Diapers.


Write us, ask us, and tell us about your experiences. We would really love to hear from you. You can reach us through the email address info@impactafricaindustries.com